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Nissan Innovation Screensaver brings the Micra to your desktop
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Probably you are a proud owner of a Nissan car. Or probably you want to become one.
One of the new additions to the Nissan line of cars is the Micra.
This automobile is Nissan’s answer to the new line of compact cars in the world. It’s curvy, it’s small, it’s supposed to be a great car.
You will have to check it out yourselves and find out. Well, Nissan even issued a screensaver dedicated to the Micra.
Nissan Innovation Screensaver brings it to your desktop.
This totally advertising screensaver is very simple, and yet, informative. In my opinion, you see it once, and then it becomes boring.
You will be able to see a gray (???) screen with the classic Nissan logo.
Then, from the left side, a Nissan Micra moves onto the screen. Don’t expect a superb animation or special effects. It just “moves” to the center of the screen.
With it, on the lower part, a sign appears. It will show you the “words” used in the advertising campaign of the Micra. For example, one of these words is “SEXIBLE”. Under the word, there is the explanation from Nissan: Sexy and Flexible.
As I said, Nissan Innovation Screensaver is just an advertising kind of screensaver. I didn’t like it being gray, but probably it looks more “formal”. The words and their explanations are useful and kind of interesting. But after a couple of times (or maybe after just one time), I didn’t find a good reason to continue watching it.
No sounds, no music. Just the car and the words.

Fernando Soni
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  • Shows the car


  • Small images
  • Long times
  • Short
  • Boring
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